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A Message to Kelowna Servers

How many times has this happened to you? You’ve eaten and drank away the night and you’re full and satisfied. Now it’s that awkward time of night to settle up. The server brings you the bill, you present your card and then it happens – they say something like:

” So, do you have any plans for the rest of your evening?”

Now this may seem like no big deal until you realize that every server from almost every establishment in Kelowna does this. And after trying the honest reply, making absurd things up or trying to ignore the question altogether, it starts to become a chore. You start to tense up knowing that ‘the question’ is coming. The problem is that it’s a pretty invasive question for someone who clearly is not invested in your response. Maybe if they inquired about where you found your gloves, how you enjoyed your dish or if you’ve heard about the latest local news event it would be more stimulating. It would seem like a real conversation where both parties are engaged. But it’s a canned question that you’re forced to answer at the table while your card is being held hostage.

So why do they do this? Do they all get together at a secret meeting and discuss such things as what drink is trendy this year and what questions to ask the customers? Does someone win a prize for acquiring the best response? I’m sure it’s something as simple as trying to kill the awkward silence while waiting for the payment request to go through or that they heard another server say it once before. But I for one would prefer silence in lieu of a fake conversation.



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