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Rendezvous at ‘Made In India’

I’ve been wanting to check out ‘Made In India’ for quite some time now, based on the recommendations of friends and clients. So on this super sunny day, I suggest to my lunch date that we go and see what everyone has been boasting about.

We walked in around noon and much to my surprise, it’s a much smaller place than I had imagined and only seats about 20 people comfortably. It wasn’t very busy (thank goodness, as I’m sure we wouldn’t have stayed otherwise), with only a couple other tables of two.

We sat down and decided to begin our lunch with a glass of vino. Wine by the glass is just $5, however, they only have two selections — Jackson Triggs, white or red —  neither of us are huge fans of the Triggs so we decide to go for it and share a bottle of the Gray Monk Riesling. Gray Monk is a favorite especially if it’s only $23 for the bottle. That works out to just $5.75 per glass, a much better value for this fabulous wine choice. Other nearby restaurants charge at least $8-10 per glass!


We are both starving during our catch-up so we glance at the menu and get excited to dig right in. We start with the veggie Pakora with spinach, onion, and cauliflower. I’ve never had Pakora with spinach before, and I was extremely delighted with the dish. We then order our main course; I pick the Chicken Curry and my friend decides on the Mango Chicken, both with a side of jasmine rice and garlic naan, staples when it comes to Indian food. When our food arrives, both of us are quite surprised at the portion sizes. There is certainly take away in our future because neither of us are going to finish what we’ve ordered.

I take my first bite, and I’m very happy with my selection! The food is certainly comparable to Dawett and Chutney, maybe even a bit better! My friend agrees after trying her Mango Chicken. I brazenly steal some from her plate… yep, it’s pretty awesome.
Now that I’ve bragged about the food I’m going to get to the nuts and bolts of it. Normally, I like to write in a positive light, however, there a few things that irked me slightly about the experience. Firstly, our wine was served in water glasses — with lots of water spots. If you must serve improper glassware, a quick wipe with a cloth would have taken those spots clean off (sorry about the pun). Having been a server for many years, this bothered me. I’m not a picky person by any means but it’s a pretty easy fix. I would never have allowed those past the bar!

Secondly, the ambiance — the size of the place is fine, I enjoy quaint, cute little hidden gems, however — some blinds, funky curtains, and maybe some settings on the tables would jazz it up a bit. And with blinds it certainly wouldn’t have been so bright during the mid-day winter sunlight, allowing us to see every piece of dust in the joint. It took away something from the enjoyment of the meal. It felt like maybe the blinds were being cleaned, or they hadn’t quite finished setting up for the day. Their website says “comfortable yet elegant atmosphere”, which is not the feeling I experienced.

Did I mention that I loved the food? I will certainly eat there again… or a least order take away.
‘Made in India’ is located on the corner of KLO and Benvoulin Rd, hidden beside Ferrara’s Italian Market.
Their hours are from 11am-9pm daily.


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