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Oh Soy Good – Soy Asian Fusion

Soy Asian Fusion has been open since February 2011, and once again, I’m a little late to the party! Owned by husband and wife team, Takeshi and Tomo Ishizaka, ‘Soy’ is a darling little place tucked off to the side of Pandosy Street in the Mission.

It is a smidge difficult to find, which might be the reason I didn’t spot it before. But after a friend raved about the ramen, I immediately had to find out where it was, because really, who doesn’t love good ramen? There is a sign posted on Pandosy Street, but in my haste I actually passed by it a couple of times. There is also a little parking lot with free parking during the day for patrons, a rare bonus for the Mission.

My first impression of this quaint little place was that it had a sense of cheerful calm the minute I walked through the door. The bright light and splashes of yellow and blue tells me that the owners took great care when selecting the feeling they wanted to portray. It was the perfect setting for a lunch time meet up.

After scouring their extensive menu, which has everything from Teriyaki, Thai Chicken and Korean BBQ to burgers, my eyes stopped at the reason why I came – the Spicy Coconut Ramen Soup.

The Spicy Coconut Ramen had the perfect amount of spice – not too hot, not too mild… in the words of Goldilocks, “It was just right!” I ordered the small for $9.50, and it was more than enough. I can’t imagine what the larger portion entailed but it was so good, I might have to find out!

They have a large Asian beer selection at a very good price for imports as well, not too many places where you can get an import beer for $6. You can also get a shot of Shochu (Japanese Vodka) for only $4. They also offer it in a variety of cocktails.

The service at ‘Soy’ was fantastic. The server was extremely attentive & polite – even after we were finished and stayed to chat she kept asking if she could refill our water and tea. I find at most restaurants, service ceases to exist once the meal is done and the check has been provided.

‘Soy’ will even bring lunch to you! With party trays and individual Bento boxes, ‘Soy’ would be an added bonus for your lunch meeting, and certainly would beat the usual sandwich and veggie tray.

Soy Asian Fusion is located at #101-2900 Pandosy Street and their hours are 11a-8p Monday to Saturday, and 11a-3p on Sundays and holidays. For more information, check out their website. They also have a great blog dedicated to Asian food and where to find it, including an article on what ramen is.

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