Rainbow Roll

Sushi Showdown

Recently a late-night discussion broke out among a few friends about where the best sushi could be found in Kelowna. With so many options it’s not surprising that everyone seemed to have a different answer. There was only one way I could think of to settle this argument once and for all and that was by comparing a single menu item from several of the top-rated sushi places in town.

We began by ordering a single rainbow roll for pick up from 6 local sushi joints and placed them in a row on the table. Without knowing which roll belonged to which sushi restaurant, we began our analysis. We measured construction, ingredients, size, presentation and rice to filling ratio. Then we ate all the rolls and judged their taste. After discovering which roll came from which restaurant, we then judged on price. We agreed unanimously on the first and last place roll. Here are our results:

1st Place: Blue Tail $9.50

It wasn’t even a contest for Blue Tail who took the win in almost every category. It was delicious, made with quality ingredients (with tobiko) and had the best presentation. They even won in the most affordable category at $9.50. The only complaint we had would be that it’s size was on the smaller end of the scale compared to the others.

2nd Place: Nagano $12.95

This roll was the only choice to include eel on top, giving it an edge on the ingredients scale. We all agreed that even though it’s presentation was average, it had a great overall taste and was generous on the filling.

3rd Place: Momo $11.95

Momo took third place despite it’s poor presentation after traveling. It was the only one to include prawns on top. But I think what gave it a win was its special sauce, we all loved it! As Liz puts it “The green sauce really ties the room together”

4th Place: Mizu $10.50

Mizu was by far the ugliest roll of the 6. It didn’t hold together at all and the avocado on top was ripe and mushy. But even though it did not show well in presentation and was simple with it’s ingredients, it did taste fresh.

5th Place: Ichiban $12.50

This roll was the most unique looking. It included lots of filling and scored well in presentation and construction. Unfortunately, looks are not everything and it lost out on the variety of ingredients and overall flavor.

6th Place: Ozeki $10.50

I was surprised at Ozeki, having gone there for lunch quite often in the past. Even though it’s construction was solid and it was one of the larger choices, all the judges agreed it was boring and a bit fishy with a blander flavor. Disappointing.

We were all pretty surprised at how different the same roll could look and taste from each different restaurant. And after this tasting, we say with confidence that we know the best sushi in town.

Now that that’s settled, on to the next argument: Who would win in a fight between the backyard squirrel and my cat?


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