Femme Fatale Burlesque Dancers

Femme Fatale Steals the Stage with A Sin City Inspired Performance

There is no doubt that what normally happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… but that risque Vegas appropriate behavior came right out on the stage in Sapphire’s Lounge on Friday and Saturday night. With three shows spread over the two evenings, Femme Fatale did a Las Vegas tribute to the musical stylings of many great artists that have taken the Las Vegas stage. It was truly a flashback in history. From music that we know to be “Old Vegas” to more modern lyrics that brought me back to when I was a pre-teen making up my own dance moves to Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears.

This was my second Femme Fatale show that I got to experience and it was just as amazing as the last one. Throughout the entire show I had a perma-smile on my face and my heart was full. The extraordinary talent, grace and radiating confidence that each woman brought to the stage was nothing short of inspiring.

The show started with a big group performance throwing it back to Old Vegas with tassels, all the sequins and a lot of leg kicks. But as the night progressed the songs became very familiar. With favorites like Cee-Lo Green’s F#$k You, Britney Spears’ Womanizer and Rihanna’s B^*ch Better Have My Money to name just a few of the top hits that were danced out on stage. Even the hilarious and authentic Emcee Kylee Roman from SunFM got up and showed off her hip hop moves with the classic My Milkshake Brings all the Boys to the Yard. Each and every person that walked up on that stage this weekend stepped outside of their comfort zones and that is what I LOVE seeing in our city.

Tina, the founder of Femme Fatale Burlesque, started the dance group in 2014 because she wanted to share her vision to empower women to be confident in their bodies on and off stage. I have had the pleasure of attending a few drop in classes, as well as have had friends go through the #FemmeFataleExperience and the amount of growth I have witnessed among them has been tremendous. Tina’s passion for dance shines when she is on stage and her confidence is infectious! Even though I have yet to go up on stage and do this myself… watching her and the rest of the women dance continues to make me take a moment to think about the possibility that one day I may be able to be brave enough to do it as well!

There will be a FREE drop-in class at Oranj Fitness this Thursday (May 18th) at 7:00pm for anyone interested in trying it out!

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