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How to Hire Live Music for your Kelowna Event

Have you ever planned an event where you needed to hire a band and you didn’t have a clue where to start? Other than some website pics or maybe a review from a friend, how would you know?

The Okanagan is very diverse with a surprising amount of talent for a smaller population, but we also have some stinkers. I’ve hear some horror stories over the years like awful bands with terrible feedback or a drunk DJ hitting on girls and starting fights. You need professionals who take your event as seriously as you do so here are some quick references and recommendations for some safe bets on hiring so you can avoid tragedy.

Rule #1
It’s important to see the desired act in person. If you can’t, they better have some example videos or I wouldn’t even risk it. Look for what kind of visual displays or sound systems they have. Musicians who are serious about their music will have quality equipment.

Rule #2
Know your market and stick to the theme of your party. Do not hire a country band for a high school grad and if your audience is over 50, maybe a classic rock band would work better than an electronic DJ.

Rule #3
Don’t try and save money by being a test event for a new act. The live music you hire can be the most magical addition to your event or the reason it flops. Investing in quality and tested talent is key.

Here’s a few of my favorite acts…

Top Pick Overall – The Young’uns.

If you have enough notice and you want to have the most versatile band who can play Pink Floyd to Bruno Mars, you need The Young’Uns. They are not only professional to deal with but they also stay current! They have their pulse on the new hits, crowd pleasers as well as the classics you love. Tim Reardon and company has provided us with years of great memories. They always get called on for encores even after the bylaws kick in. Check out their songlist.. 

Check out my website to see upcoming show dates. #kingajazz

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Kinga Heming

Sherman Doucette
Poppa Dawg

Thanks again Robin Munshaw for the pics from last weekends show!!!

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Rumble 100


Little Miss Dangerous
Jeff Piatelli

The Malarkeys
Major Mambo

American Roots
Sean Bray’s Peach Trio

Mellow Covers
Blue City Trio

Live music isn’t just about the songs, you want it to create an atmosphere. Good luck and happy planning.


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