Reveal Show at The Ellis Art Studio
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Revealing Glimps Into Ellis Studios

Kelowna isn’t known for the wealth of amazing local artists…yet. Those of us hungry for visual inspiration float around to the studios, art and craft events and art walks in the Okanagan but sadly, much of Kelowna’s population isn’t even aware of all the local talent in our valley. Eager to support my own, I attended a local art show this weekend under the name of Reveal, showcasing new work from Ellis Studio‘s resident and local artists. In the most unlikely of tucked away locations on the industrial side of Ellis St, lies a concentration of up and coming talent on the brink of stardom. As an artist and fan of all things local, I love events like this where you get a chance to not only feast your eyes on new and amazing works but chat with the artists about where they came from, what inspires them and their process.

Bramble Lee Pryde of Le Lou Ula was the organizer of this event and one of the busiest studios in the loft. I barely got a chance to say hello to her between customers keen to acquire some of her shiny hand crafted items. Bramble is a multidisciplinary artist who creates jewelry, illustrations and ceramics. Even though she creates so many different types of art, looking around her studio, she brings a unifying and unique style to her work.

Another favorite artist I had the pleasure of chatting with on Saturday was Lindsay Victoria. I’d seen some of Lindsay’s work before at the Lake Country Art Walk and it was one that stood out in my memory. And once you view her work and hear about her techniques, it’s not hard to see why her paintings stand out. Using only palette knives, she paints some of the most beautiful churches and architecture she’s seen through her travels and growing up in Montreal. Her unique perspective and textures gives her work a lovely painterly effect.


One more multidisciplinary resident artist I enjoyed chatting with was Selena Sced of SS Studio. Kindred spirits in our love of old textures, layering and abstract pops of colors, her work is something I could easily see on my walls at home. And her individual style carries through to her work in ceramics, using an original technique of etching inspired by her printmaking experience, she creates beautiful dishwasher safe wares.

That’s just the tip of the iceburg, Ellis Studios goes on to offer magical water colors from Wayne Wilson, delicious painted fabric from Rebekah Wilkinson, the strangely awesome paintings of Jolene Mackie and adorable feline inspired ceramics from Erin Cinkant of Tiny Cat Pottery. The owner of the studio, Brazen Edwards was also there showcasing her latest contemporary collection of delightful fluid abstracts.


Reveal also offered guest artists Fiona Neal with flowing abstracts and Natasha Harvey with her primal textured colors showcasing new work for spring 2017. I enjoyed the artwork styles displayed from Nature’s My Friend and Bush Babies, with many amazing works for sale. Photographers Lise Guyot and Jessica Balfour whose impressive fashion and portrait photography can be found in Georgie Girl’s look book were also showcasing new work.


Keep your eyes on these artist and don’t miss the next show at Ellis Art Studios.


  1. Your Gallery looks amazing and unfortunately I haven’t yet seen it. I have been in several galleries through the years and am a founding member of the Painters Studio (1992) and also the local Federation of Canadian Artists Chapter (1997) You may look at my website and I am wondering if you might like to show some of my art. I had a solo show at the Penticton Art Gallery 3 years ago also.
    Thank you

    1. Thanks for commenting Yvonne. You would have to contact the studio itself to inquire about participating in one of their events or renting a studio space. Their website:

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