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3 People I Met This Week That Were Awesome

Along my journey I sometimes forget to focus on the positive. I’m really busy, work is hectic, I didn’t get a good sleep or I have a headache and the grump takes over. I have been, sadly, guilty of this at times in the past.

This week, I made a point to document every time I noticed someone being awesome. Call it a sort of gratitude practice, but it has helped me look in different eyes at life. When I make an effort to take note of the awesome around me, that’s what I start noticing out of habit.

All the time.

So let me tell you about the super cool people I met this week and the awesome stuff they did.

Rick Davis – Manager at Landmark Xtreme Movie Theater on the Westside.

When I visit the theater, or go to a fast food drive through or a retail teller, I don’t expect much more than a necessary exchange of words. That’s why it was so cool to see the way Rick handled our situation at the theater the other day.

I recently met some girlfriends to see the new Wonder Woman movie but oops, one of our group had not purchased their ticket in advance and the show was sold out. And another friend forgot their phone at home with their confirmation ticket number. It looked hopeless and just as we were wondering if we should get a refund and try again another night, Rick came to the rescue. He found an empty seat in the row behind us for our friend and looked up the confirmation number for our other friend all with a smile on his face. He even made a point to reassure the of people waiting in the concession line that there were 15 min of previews and not to worry about missing their movie.

Great job Rick.

Landmark Cinema Xtreme

Giovanni Lauretta – of Giobean downtown.

Early last spring, I came into Giobean for a flat white and left my favorite little yellow umbrella with the curly handle and the white trim there. Shortly after, the weather improved and I didn’t notice that it was missing until just this week when I visited Giobean again. I inquired about it pessimistically, expecting them to have cleared it out long ago and to my surprise, there it was adorable and yellow as ever. Yay!

Kudos to business owners like Giovanni who make an effort to treat you as a dear old friend every single time you come in. Without fail I’ve always had a lovely greeting and conversation with Gio when I visit his coffee shop and a very delicious flat white to boot.

Great job Gio!

The Staff at Fairfield Animal Hospital

Last year, my beloved kitty Six passed away from a blood clot. It was sudden and when I took him into the vet to see why he wasn’t moving his legs, the news he had to be put down was a shock. I left in tears and cried off and on for weeks afterwards.

Shortly afterwards an envelope came in the mail from the Hospital. Inside was a beautiful sympathy card that had been signed by hand with lovely little thoughts and notes from the staff expressing their condolences. It was such a nice gesture.

Later when I adopted another kitten from the spca, I noticed that in my emotional state, I had left my cat carrier at the vet. I called to see if they may still have it and they didn’t. But they gave me one from their collection to take home.

Thanks Fairfield Animal Hospital.

(this is my new kitty Marty McFly)

This week has got me looking forward to what awesome people I’ll encounter next and thinking of ways I can reflect it back to someone else. Stay tuned to hear more stories of awesome!

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