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Floating: The Discovery of Clarity and Finding Your Voice Within

I was at a networking event at the beginning of the year and this very relaxed and soft spoken man got up on stage and started talking about the wonderful science of floating. Dustin, the owner of Float Space, shared the impact floating had on his life and how he believed it had the power to help transform people into becoming the best versions of themselves.

I have heard about the Deprivation Tank trend for sometime now, but I never thought it was something that fit with my lifestyle. I assumed it wasn’t for me because I was not a true hippy or yogi. However, when I talked to Dustin after his speech and he asked me if I wanted to come give floating a shot, I decided to just say yes. At the time I was having multiple anxiety attacks a week because I was not happy with where my life was going. I knew something had to change but I could not see the solution. All I could see was that I was stuck in the situation I was in and I would just have to live through the breakdowns until I had no tears left to shed. But after I listened to Dustin…I went home and booked my float for the next day.

When I got to Float Space, I was expecting a pristine/spa-like atmosphere with a bunch of white walls, bright lights and spa music but instead I felt like I had just walked into a Jungle Oasis. With the dark blue lights, infusers dispersing delicious smells, and non-lyrical meditation music playing in the background… I knew this is exactly where I had to be. Greeted with open arms and provided a glass of tea in one hand and ear plugs in the other – I was all set to float.

Floating isn’t really complicated. You legit just lie in a tank and relax. It seemed so simple but for some reason my heart was racing. I was so nervous. My mind wanted to over complicate the concept. I am not sure if I was nervous about the small space, fearful about getting stuck in the tank, or if it was because I was not ready to face my own thoughts at such an intimate level but the fear was there.

After getting into the tank and TRIPLE checking that I knew where the door was and that it didn’t lock behind me… I finally calmed down, I lay back and for the first time in a long time I finally just let go.

I have never felt anything like it before. That feeling of being suspended in space with no pressure of gravity and no pressures of Life. I could hear my own heart beat and all I could feel was the rising and falling of my own chest with each breath. I went into the tank having NO idea how to stop the anxiety that was controlling my mind. But once I got settled into the float ALL the struggle I was facing in my life came flooding to the forefront of my thoughts. I thought floating was supposed to take all the fear away! But actually, it seemed that floating put a mirror in front of my face and made me face my struggles head on.

What Happened in the Tank?

I lied in the tank for an entire hour and when the music started to signal that my float was done I was kind of disappointed. I felt that I didn’t come out with an answer! But, I got out of the tank, started to shower and then it hit me. Out of nowhere, not sure where the thought came from, but I realized in that moment exactly what I needed to do to stop the panic attacks.

The answer wasn’t in the tank. The tank allowed my brain to clear all the fear and anxiety provoking thoughts that were clouding my mind. Once those were gone I was able to come back into my reality and see with clarity what I needed to do. I walked away from Float Space in absolute awe. What did I just experience? Was it a spiritual awakening or was it just the power of self reflection? Who knows but I did know that I had to continue going back.

Why Floating?

As a creative and an entrepreneur, I try to go once a week. The benefits of this practice have been nothing short of amazing. I am able to think clearly about my business, overcome challenges I may be facing with clients or relationships, and I always come out feeling more motivated than ever to take charge of my life.

If you have not tried floating yet I highly recommend giving it a shot! When I feel myself overcome by fear and anxiety I go to the tank. This is where I feel safest with my mind. However, I also go when things are great! There is always something within you that wants to tell you something.

Float Space has created a welcoming and comforting atmosphere for all walks of life. Dustin’s vision is to make floating available and accessible for everyone! With affordable drop-in rates and great membership options it’s really hard to say no. If you have not yet done so, go check out Float Space today on Facebook and Instagram and once you are convinced that this is the best thing you will ever do for yourself – Book a float.


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