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Stop Drop & Workshop With Three New & Enriching Ways to Learn

Whether it is crafting, jewelry making, painting or dancing there is always something unique to do in Kelowna to constantly embrace your creative side, learn a new skill, or refine old talents. It is awesome to see this great trend within the Kelowna community where people are getting more excited to try out new activities in the evenings!

Throughout my experiences in Kelowna there are three new companies that have created workshops that I deem to be “Hidden Gems” and I felt like I had to share my secrets! If you are looking for fun and unique ways to relax, refocus, and rejuvenate yourself then this post is here to guide you in the right direction. I highly recommend keeping your eye out for these talented individuals and studios taking creative learning to the next level.



Nateah Studios

A Kelowna native, Natalie Larose is making waves in the community with her Mandala Fabric Hoop Art workshops. At least once a month she opens her doors to the community and helps spread the serenity and clarity that comes from making art. What’s especially unique is all of the materials she has used to create the mandalas that are up-cycled through a meticulous thrift shopping experience. Interesting fact: The centre of the hoops are decorated with doilies that she has hand picked from Thrift Stores! These doilies have the same patterns as mandalas, which are found to be powerful meditative tools and bring sacredness to any space.

As soon as you walk into her studio you are surrounded by many hoops and there is an instant feeling of clarity and peace. These workshops all have the opportunity to sip on some wine and enjoy the company of others while learning a new craft. She has one more workshop coming up on June 22nd! If you can’t go then definitely give her a LIKE on Facebook and keep your eye out for upcoming workshops!


Salt + Sage

Cayla Joss is a warm and vibrant soul living right here in Kelowna. She only recently in the last year decided to make her passion her full time job. Her story is inspiring and her dedication to what she does is evident in every piece of work she creates.

Cayla spreads her love for jewelry making with workshops to teach people how to make their very own Malas. You can guarantee that during the workshops you will sip on some tea and Kombucha.  You will learn about the tradition of a Mala necklaces and the Mala beads.  Moreover, you will get the opportunity to create your own custom pieces using wood or seed beads and various gemstones.

Cayla’s work is amazing, her energy is contagious, and her work is captivating. She just finished a workshop at Oxygen Fitness on June 3 and now has an upcoming workshop in Salmon Arm.  If you’re interested in more workshops in the future give her a LIKE on Facebook and keep your eyes peeled for when she runs one again!


Tandava Yoga Studio

I swear not a week goes by where a Tandava Yoga Workshop does not pop up on my Facebook feed. Dawn, the founder of Tandava, brings the community together through self-enhancing workshops. Her main focus is helping the community learn how to heal and strengthen the mind, body, and spirit.

What is great about Tandava is that these workshops are open to everyone in the community.  You don’t have to be a member of the yoga studio to attend! Workshops vary from Hot Stone Restorative Yoga Weekend, Meditation Practice, Headstand/Handstand or Beginner Yoga Workshop and more. We can guarentee that you will not be disappointed with the personal growth comes from Tandava Yoga studio. To make sure you are aware of all the events available to you give Tandava a LIKE on Facebook today!

There are some fine women leading the way in the creative culture growing in Kelowna! Stay tuned as I continue to test out new workshops around the city <3

Know of an awesome business or Kelowna activity that deserves recognition? Are you a small business owner thinking of being featured?  Send us a message and we’ll come check it out.  Who knows? Your idea or business could get written about next! 

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