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A Vegan’s Guide to Kelowna

I am a lover of plants, a huge foodie, and a self-hired local influencer on Instagram.  The hardest part of going vegan at first was honestly not being able to get the same experiences at restaurants that I used to when I had no limitations. I used to be able to look at the menu and have an unlimited amount of options and I normally would pick the most random thing on the menu, absolutely LOVE it, and of course take a picture of it to showcase the awesome restaurant so others would know about it.  

Now that I’m vegan, I’m lucky if I find one or two items on the menu without having to make modifications.  I do have to say though, we are so lucky to have many restaurants that are on top of things, so even though it took some investigating, I now have in my back pocket a Vegan Hot Spot for every occasion. Whether I am working all day, going out with friends, or going on a date – I know I can go enjoy delicious and authentic flavours with everyone else!   

The Ultimate Vegan Breakfast Place:

When I’m feeling a Sunday brunch there’s just one place I turn to.  Vegan breakfast places are honestly the hardest spots to find, but we’re fortunate the three Gordey sisters opened up Naked Cafe here in Kelowna.  You could go to the usual breakfast places and make modifications…but you couldn’t actually enjoy the pleasures of breakfast that pancakes, eggs, and sausages used to bring. So when I discovered Naked Cafe’s breakfast menu my struggles were over. This beautiful restaurant is dominating the Vegan scene in Kelowna and how could they not?  Their food is delicious, fresh and it satisfies all the cravings of enjoying a hearty, filling breakfast. And to top it off their dishes are so Insa-worthy.  Whether you are looking for a breakfast scramble, eggs and sausage, or a delicious sandwich they really are meeting all of the #Breakfastgoals!

The Go-To Coffee Date Location

During the week I am a freelancer and I tend to beep-bop around and support all the local coffee shops but if I know that I need to sit down for a good 4-5 hours there is just one coffee shop that I know will stop me from getting hangry. The Bean Scene on Bernard is FILLED with so many vegan options for lunch it is crazy.  Whether it’s a salad bowl, the infamous Cosmic cookie, energy ball bites, or a delicious chili – the choices are endless.  Charlotte always keeps the fridge stocked and the vegan’s happy right downtown on Bernard.  

Nutella Banana Bread. Pair it with a traditional cappuccino. Die happy.

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Lunch Date with the Girls

When I’m looking for a lovely patio to sit and enjoy a late lunch and a glass of wine with some girlfriends the only place I want to go is Central Kitchen and Bar.  Jared and Devon have done such an amazing job at ensuring that vegans can enjoy the great taste of casual dining just like everyone else.  Whether you decide to start with Nacho Chips, black bean salsa, pico de gallo and their dairy free guacamole or the Fried Green tomatoes (that are coated in flax seeds instead of eggs) you can always enjoy a delicious appetizer.  Also, they hands-down have the best vegan burger in town. The staff are so vibrant and beautiful souls and they’re very educated on their menu items. It’s great that they are open to lend a plant-based gal a helping hand and make some modifications if she’s not sure what she is wants!

MEET MOLLY. No word of a lie, this beautiful Centralite is possibly the happiest person you will ever meet! Molly was born and raised here in Kelowna, and decided early on that this is hands down THE place to live…so she stuck around. Molly shares our passion for people, which has led her to explore the idea of going back to school to become a hairstylist. When she’s not at Central, you can find Molly spending time with friends + family, beaching, Netflix-ing, and just being her all around lovely self. Her favourite part about working at Central? Our close-knit team that has become her second family, and having such a special place to call “work”. Molly will be here all weekend, so come on down and get to know more about this wonderful Centralite! She says to try the Fried Green Tomatoes! #WeAreCentral

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Vegan Date Night

Social 242 Lounge and Grill has created the ideal place for any person to take a vegan on a date for a full course meal.  Their vegan options come in a set menu where you can get an appetizer, an entree and a dessert all for $30! Appetizers such as fresh heirloom carrot and beet salad or vegan samosas followed by a pasta dish, a chickpea lentil meatloaf, or tempura bell peppers will drive your taste buds insane.  Vegan or not the food is filling and top quality.  I do have to say though that my favorite part has got to be the dessert.  The infamous Onion Chef (Jordan Wilton), is extremely talented and his vegan cheesecake is to die for!  I am so grateful that Dan and Jordan realized that vegans should have just as many options at a restaurant.  The vegan menu is constantly changing and I’m SO happy that I no longer have to say no to dessert or their delicious bruschetta ever again!

Place to go for Late Night Eats

Dunnenzies…. They came out with Vegan Pizza.  Enough Said.

So there you have it.  Just because I am plant based, does not mean my Instagram feed has to suffer any longer. There are some amazing options for Vegans out there and I happily did the taste testing and the research so you don’t have to. So go… be free… and try all the vegan options!  You will not regret it.  Even if you’re a meat/dairy consumer 80% the time, I dare you to go taste test the other options anyway and support the businesses who are driving the plant based movement forward.  #Kelownavegan


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