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New Kombucha Company In Kelowna Taking Health to a Whole New Level

There is a new Kombucha company disrupting the space of Kombucha and you can find them right here in our very own city! The company’s name is Jiva Kombucha. I am a huge local buff (as you know) and I am always fascinated with how businesses came to be. It was just last week I finally stopped and talked to the owner, Jeremy, and learned how his product. I was mostly curious as to why he wanted to jump into an already very saturated space and as soon as I looked closely at the bottles I realized why! The unique factor is that Jiva focuses not only on the benefits Kombucha has for the mind and body…but also the spirit.

Kombucha has long been known for its gut health benefits due to the fermentation process this delicious beverage goes through. Just in case some of you readers do not quite know what Kombucha really is let me tell you. Kombucha is a fermented tea that contains both probiotics to help nourish the body and stabilize the healthy bacteria in the gut, which in turn optimizes the mind. Ever since research started emerging finding a happy gut = a happy mind, Kombucha and other fermented foods that are packed full of probiotics have been growing like rapid fire in the health food industry.

So when I first saw that Jiva was a new Kombucha company in town at first all I saw was another company jumping on the gut-health bandwagon. When walking down the aisles of vendors at the Farmer’s Market I was drawn to the Jiva Kombucha tent because of all the beautiful colors and the unique lids found on the bottles. When I started asking Jeremy questions that is when the unique selling point of this product really came to light.

Jiva is a Sanskrit word that literally means alive. This beverage is alive with bacteria, with self-enhancing energy, and with lots of sparkling bubbles to make it a refreshing, soul balancing and a healthy alternative to pop or even alcohol! You will see when you come across them that each drink has a different colored label. At first glance you just see a rainbow but when you look closer you actually have the colors and symbols that represent each chakra system within the body. There are seven main chakras that are most familiar to people. Each bottle has a specific color, chakra symbol, and an organic and fair trade tea blend that is created to balance your chakras and empower your body, mind, and spirit.

This is where Jiva wins gold in my books! I recently was introduced to what it means to take care of one’s spiritual health whether it be through food choices (e.g. veganism), exercise practices (e.g. yoga), or mental practices (e.g.meditation)…I find that these all help you connect to something bigger than yourself. However, I never thought that the beverage I most often choose over alcohol actually could have spiritual properties. I also love the fact that this is being sold to the general public, educating them about the power of the chakra system and how important it is to balance them is so amazing. The open expression of this type of spiritual practice is so heart warming. When it comes to choosing what flavor – it makes it pretty easy…. I would recommend looking at them all and feel which one you are drawn to. For example if it is the red one your intuition is telling you that you need then that most likely means it’s the root chakra your body needs to balance. I love this perspective! I value everything these bottles stand for, and I am so excited that this knowledge is being shared among the local community in Kelowna.

If you want to learn more about the different chakra balancing blends made by Jiva Kombucha check out their website! I cannot wait to see how Jiva’s success continues to flourish. You can find their products at Tandava Yoga Studio and Global Fitness and Racquet Center as well as a few other locations in Kelowna and West Kelowna. But when you are out downtown tomorrow at the Farmer’s Market I can assure you that you will find Jeremy manning the tent giving out samples – be sure to stop by and have a taste test and see what bottle calls to you!


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