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Like gravity, there are somethings we feel to be true before we can prove it. Some things we know so fervently we’ll spend our lives trying to prove them. Sometimes even generations.

I started Kelowna Collective because I feel things to be true like the value of support for the community, collaboration and the importance of thinking about what’s best for our future as a whole.

When I met Lauren from notTV and heard about this idea, I knew it was something I could support.  Hearing her talk with passion about this endeavor was not only inspiring but contagious. It all came rushing back to me – the overwhelming urge to make a difference, the deep-rooted feeling that things could be better and an innate pull to be part of the solution.

notTV is a community based streaming news & entertainment platform that will provide wholesome and quality local content to Kelowna. Netflix is great for watching movies but lacks local news and community content. Traditional television offers news but it’s outdated format can often be limited and influenced too heavily by advertisers. notTV offers a perfect digital solution right in the middle (in a healthy co-operative package). It’s like TV, but it’s notTV.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.” – Jimi Hendrix

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How notTV is helping.

With the expanse of the world wide web, we sometimes forget how connection to our local community matters. We know what’s happening in China but what about down the street? We’re aware of the newest bands coming out of Seattle or artists from New York but what about the amazing talent we have right here in Kelowna? How can we support our own if we’re not aware of them?

In many cases today TV has drifted away from it’s prime objective of informing the people to harboring hidden agendas. We need someone to step in and #savelocalnews by offering a neutral information channel where we’re free to form our own opinions.

People have been blindly accepting and consuming content that’s put in front of them for years, forgetting how to stop and think if it’s what we should be filling our heads with. We have a need for a content platform that will not only provide positively focused local content, it will prompt people to think about what material they’re consuming and what they would like to see more of.

notTV could be a pillar in our city providing quality local information we want to watch while connecting us to our community. And because notTV is a co-operative, it has the ability to offer exposure to small and independent local businesses and artists.

"Do a little bit of good where you are. It's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world." – Desmond Tutu

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The people behind the movement.

We can’t grow as individuals or a society if we don’t create a positive environment conducive to progress. If we want to improve, building a cooperative and safe place should be our first objective when creating content. We should constantly question if the way we’re doing things is the best way.

That’s exactly what Travis and Lauren are doing with the inception of notTV.

Travis E Cross is a cinematographer with a background in broadcasting. His experience in the industry showed him it might be time for the world of TV news to get a much-needed update for the digital age. He wanted to solve some of the problems the industry faced and the idea for notTV was born. Later, when Lauren came on board with her background in media content the idea started growing.

But having an idea is easier than putting everything on the line to implement that idea. It’s so hard that few people ever attempt it. notTV is an idea that we can surround ourselves with positive and quality content that will launch us forward into a bright future as a society. And they believe in this truth so fully they’re willing to put in the work and risk involved to make it a reality.

And they need people who believe and support that dream.

Why you should help.

The dangers of losing net neutrality are real. It’s a critical time for information. What we choose now will shape the way we evolve. If you feel the truth that media is at a pivot point and needs our help to turn the right direction, this is your chance to be part of that solution. Our content and entertainment platforms need to change for the better and right now is our opportunity to take control of our media.

We can support notTV’s potential to create a cooperative and positive place that will celebrate success and emphasise progress instead of preying on fears and greed. We can choose to #supportlocal by investing in the future of our local businesses and artists. And we can get behind a company who is fighting for a free and progressive future with positive and inspiring content.

I’m going to.

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