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Parlour – Downtown Kelowna’s Newest Ice Cream Shop

There is a new ice cream parlour on Bernard avenue and it’s got all the vegans and dairy-boycotters talking! Originally when I heard an ice cream store opened up right down the street from Moolix I had some serious doubts. For a brief second I thought this mysterious business would be taking a big risk competing with the most popular ice cream shop on the block!

But there is something very unique on the corner of Bernard and Abbott. It’s a beautiful space called Parlour.

The bright and simple white walls shine brightly into City Park and you can’t help but be curious about the magic going on inside. When you walk into Parlour the energy is high. The business owners are upfront scooping the ice cream and engaging with every customer walking through the doors. You can just feel the local gratitude. Even their flavours are local! A perfect example would be their Whiskey Hazelnut ice cream, with whiskey sourced from Urban Distillery and hazelnuts purchased from Gellatly Nut Farm. Parlour is bringing high-quality, locally sourced ice cream to the downtown core and we couldn’t be more excited!

As soon as Parlour opened their doors, the word spread like wildfire about their dairy free ice cream. They’ve only been open a week and already you can see the ice cream trending on Facebook and Instagram. They also have rave reviews on Happy Cow, which is a Vegan Food Finder App.

Days off, ft. Lavender ice cream!

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Before Parlour, the only vegan ice cream alternative I could enjoy downtown was Moolix’s dairy-free chocolate made with a soy base. The problem here is Soy is not a great dairy-free base. It’s very processed and something Vegan’s will settle for, but would rather not have if there’s a more natural option. I know people will argue that there are lots of vegan ice-cream options, but I don’t usually count sorbet as a vegan substitute because it’s a fruit flavour. I myself absolutely love the chocolate, hazelnut, and birthday cake flavours and to be deprived of that joy is torture. When it comes to ice-cream I normally have to either sacrifice my dairy-free preferences or miss out on the best flavours altogether.

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Currently Parlour is serving up two vegan flavours made with a coconut base; you have the choice of chocolate or salted caramel. All flavours are made fresh in the shop and you can just taste the passion in every bite. I hear rumours that more vegan flavours will be made in the store so I’m keeping my eyes peeled on social media waiting for the announcement. You also probably should give them a like on Facebook and a follow on Instagram so you don’t miss out.

I hope Parlour will be open all year round! With all other downtown ice cream venues closed during the off season, I can’t think of a better place to go for dessert after a delicious local downtown dinner.

A big thanks to Parlour for recognizing the need for dairy alternatives and creating delicious locally made treats!


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  1. Thank-you for the rave review Megan, we have been so overwhelmed with the support from the Vegan community it’s safe to say we will always have Vegan friendly options on our menu. We will also be open all year round and look forward to seeing during the cooler months.

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