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Caravan Farm Theatre’s Walk of Terror 2017

When I first heard the there was an event called Walk of Terror, I was not into it. Zombies and crazy scary clowns and murderers jumping out at you in the dark forest? No thank you. But when some friends prompted me to read the description of this event I realized it was a PG event heavy on the arts and culture and light on the actual terror. In fact, it seemed like something I would be all over. Amazing costumes, top shelf actors and musicians, hot dogs and hot chocolate and of course cozy bonfires – what’s not to love?  So we opened up the tickle trunk, put together some last minute costumes and headed out to Salmon Arm. Before we knew it we were warming ourselves by the fire with other Halloween revelers waiting for the festivities to start.

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I’ve been to the Christmas show at the Caravan Theatre for the last couple of years. It’s an enchanted blend of festive holiday cheer, sleigh rides and expertly choreographed plays taking place on stages placed throughout the farm. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to add a touch of holiday magic to their Christmas event list. My family and I enjoyed that show so much, I was curious to see what they could do for Halloween.

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After warming up with a hot chocolate we wondered towards the paper lantern lined path. A very well dressed fellow in a long nosed mask silently motioned us forward and as we stepped onto the path I knew we were in for a treat.

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Weaving through dark forests and fields we witnessed torture chambers, beautifully eerie singing, disturbed children, sinister clowns, a dark séance and frightening forest creatures to name a few. As if the thrilling interactive performances weren’t enough, we got the added entertainment of hearing the kids around us scream and giggle with delight at each stage stop.  As an animated smooth-talking devil at the cross roads prompted us onward, we caught glimpses of some magnificently creepy figures in the field marking the home stretch of our walk. With the party barn in sight, a forest angel congratulated us on completing our journey and we were headed for our reward of music and refreshments.

In the party barn we enjoyed music, bon fires and refreshments like popcorn, hot dogs and organic beer. The band Compassion Gorilla was so fun to watch with it’s many band members as they lit up the stage with sounds of horns, strings and folksy vocals.

Live music is always the best! #caravanfarmtheatre #walkofterror

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I love that creative events like this exist to entertain and inspire us here in the Okanagan. Hats off to the organizers, actors and artists who put together this stunning production. All in all, a Halloween win! If you missed it this year, better put it on your list for 2018! It’s an organization truly worth supporting. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram and go to their website to hear about their upcoming events.

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